5 Reasons Why People Prefer Serviced Apartments Instead of Hotels

Temporary residences like serviced apartments and furnished suites are specifically designed to cater to short term and even long term accommodations complete with amenities and features that you need when you travel away from home. This kind of accommodation is very popular among business owners and companies. The good news is that leisure travellers and vacationers are starting to know and appreciate this kind of living arrangement. There are reasons why more and more people are renting furnished apartments and other types of alternative hotels and accommodation, these are:

  1. It is definitely cheaper compared with regular hotels. If you are going to average it based on the number of occupants and days, you get better bargain. In addition, the price of rent is fixed and you do not need to bother about service charges and other taxes. Vacationers find the home atmosphere convenient and the kitchen feature is a blessing as they will not worry about spending more money for tips and other service charges once they use the kitchen to cook their own food.
  2. Travelling in groups is never more fun. The downside of using hotel rooms is the fact that there are limited number of occupants allowed per room. With serviced apartments, your group can stay in one place; thus, there is no need to knock on many doors just to meet and talk with them. Serviced apartments or furnished suites also have living rooms where you can stay and spend time away with your group.
  3. It offers an ambiance as if you never left home and went on vacation. Hotels are too impersonal and very often makes guest go outside to look for enjoyment in order to avoid the cold atmosphere hotel rooms in general have; thus, it is an additional expense for leisure travellers and vacationers. The absence of a reception or lobby area is not a detriment as most apartments of this kind offer amenities and features regular hotels provide like meeting rooms, housekeeping, laundry, restaurants, and even parking spaces. So, one can have a residence and an office at the same time when you rent furnished apartments and other types of alternative residences in places that you travel.
  4. It is a home away from home since it has amenities that hotel rooms do not have like kitchen and dining area, furniture like a sofa bed, an office desk, and features which usual hotels offer like strong Wi-Fi connection, working area, and direct telephone lines.
  5. You can choose your desired location; you can choose one near your office or you can book one that is near famous landmarks and interesting places if you are a vacationer. You can have a single bedroom apartment for rent or a three bedroom apartment if you travel by groups.

Based on these reasons, it is not surprising that in days to come, serviced apartments will be the preferred choice when it comes to accommodations.

Serviced Apartments: 5 Advantages to Choose

The purpose for traveling does not matter, whether it is for business or for family holidaying. If you are planning a longer stay, then you should think of staying in the serviced apartments. They are ideal for staying for short or long duration. These apartments are a lot cheaper than staying in hotels. Those companies that need to send its employees frequently on business trips are taking the opportunity to choose these short-term accommodations. Travelers are also switching to these apartments as they are affordable and save a lot of money. Mainly these apartments are suitable for the families, couples and business groups.

The advantages of being in one of the serviced apartments-

A homely environment

The apartments are best to give a home-like feeling. This is because they are spacious and they are best for staying for longer periods of time. Just like home, no other guests are coming to interfere in the daily life matters. Even employees on a longer trip on international assignments can stay with their families without any issues.

Necessary household utilities and appliances

Regular use household items are one of the several important things that these apartments give. The unique thing about these short-term accommodations is kitchens. So, if the travelers feel tired of eating hotel-made food, they can make their own dish in the well-equipped kitchen. This will help them save their money by doing the same. Also, there are other utilities like washing machines, heating, and cooling systems that are usually present in these apartments.

Services and facilities

These fully furnished apartments have parking facilities, housekeeping services that help to keep up a comfortable life in the accommodations. Also, the service operators provide hotel-like facilities. The facilities are mainly pool and saunas, fitness centers, convenience stores, repairs, and many others.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are the two important factors that the serviced apartment staffs care the most. The apartment provides total privacy that is very less at hotels. Unlike the hotels and resorts, the apartments keep the security systems always active. The security systems are very strict on this issue.


The locations of these apartments are generally in the middle of the city. This enables the guest to easily avail the advantages of the surrounding spaces and visit various places through well-connected transport and communication systems. Also, the guests will find shops and markets nearer to them.

Thus, these apartments are hence best suited for the business travelers or backpacker because of the high standardized facilities, safe and secure homely living environments.

Apartments in Edinburgh – A Cheaper Alternative to Hotel Accommodation?

Edinburgh is one of the most visited cities in Europe, a mix of fantastic architecture, friendly locals and fascinating history make it a unique place to visit. The price of accommodation in the city is in keeping with the high demand for Rooms in Edinburgh, this is especially true during the festival season of August.

On average hotels in Edinburgh have rooms for £100 per night during the peak season, this can be quite expensive if you are planning to stay a few nights in the city or if you are traveling in a group and require more than one room.

There are cheaper options such as hostels and bed and breakfasts which are situated throughout the city centre and surrounding area but not everyone is comfortable with these types of accommodation.

An alternative the many people do not think of is to book a self catering apartment in the city. The price range of these does vary but you can get a one bedroom apartment from around £80 and 2 bedrooms or not much over £100 per night.

The standard apartment will have a lounge area, full kitchen and at least one bathroom. This give you both more space and more flexibility than a hotel room, for example you can cook your own meals which can save money. It also becomes more cost effective when you are traveling in a group of 5 or 6 people, to book a hotel may involve booking up to 3 rooms. Alternatively you can simply book a 3 bedroom apartment and save anywhere from 25% – 50% on the cost of a hotel room.

The location of the apartments are also quite flexible, many are in the city centre ideal for those traveling on a vacation or a business trip with easy access to local transport links.

So now the disadvantages of self catering accommodation, well sometimes there can be a minimum night stay of 2 nights or more, so if you are traveling just for a day this could be a problem. Also in a hotel you often have access to a wide range of facilities such as a swimming pool and gym. There are not available in most apartments (although there are some that do offer leisure facilities).

Also some people like to be pampered on vacation, get breakfast prepared for them in the morning, spa treatments and room service. These are only available in hotel accommodation, apartments are more self service.

So which is better? Well they both have advantages and disadvantages and at the end of the day it depends on what you are looking for in accommodation. Apartments offer flexibility and can be cheaper for long stays and big groups, hotels offer a range of amenities and staff to assist you.

Whatever you decide there is an excellent range of apartments in Edinburgh and hotels in Edinburgh available at Rooms in Edinburgh.