Serviced Apartments: 5 Advantages to Choose

The purpose for traveling does not matter, whether it is for business or for family holidaying. If you are planning a longer stay, then you should think of staying in the serviced apartments. They are ideal for staying for short or long duration. These apartments are a lot cheaper than staying in hotels. Those companies that need to send its employees frequently on business trips are taking the opportunity to choose these short-term accommodations. Travelers are also switching to these apartments as they are affordable and save a lot of money. Mainly these apartments are suitable for the families, couples and business groups.

The advantages of being in one of the serviced apartments-

A homely environment

The apartments are best to give a home-like feeling. This is because they are spacious and they are best for staying for longer periods of time. Just like home, no other guests are coming to interfere in the daily life matters. Even employees on a longer trip on international assignments can stay with their families without any issues.

Necessary household utilities and appliances

Regular use household items are one of the several important things that these apartments give. The unique thing about these short-term accommodations is kitchens. So, if the travelers feel tired of eating hotel-made food, they can make their own dish in the well-equipped kitchen. This will help them save their money by doing the same. Also, there are other utilities like washing machines, heating, and cooling systems that are usually present in these apartments.

Services and facilities

These fully furnished apartments have parking facilities, housekeeping services that help to keep up a comfortable life in the accommodations. Also, the service operators provide hotel-like facilities. The facilities are mainly pool and saunas, fitness centers, convenience stores, repairs, and many others.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are the two important factors that the serviced apartment staffs care the most. The apartment provides total privacy that is very less at hotels. Unlike the hotels and resorts, the apartments keep the security systems always active. The security systems are very strict on this issue.


The locations of these apartments are generally in the middle of the city. This enables the guest to easily avail the advantages of the surrounding spaces and visit various places through well-connected transport and communication systems. Also, the guests will find shops and markets nearer to them.

Thus, these apartments are hence best suited for the business travelers or backpacker because of the high standardized facilities, safe and secure homely living environments.

Advantages of Staying Bed and Breakfasts

Between hostels and hotels in style and price is a very special type of accommodation known as bed and breakfasts (or B&Bs). These are family-run, small and warm, and offer a more personal service at an affordable rate. B&Bs are the best places to stay for both families and couples alike, and even if hotels were not costly, this budget option can still be your best bet. Here are a few advantages of staying at B&Bs:

Experience the local lifestyle: By choosing B&B accommodation, you get the opportunity to enjoy home-cooked meals with your hosts and experience the local lifestyle. Breakfasts are generally included in the rates, while dinner is sometimes offered by arrangement at an additional price. A B&B can be your perfect home away from home, but where all the chores of home are already done.

Privacy: Popular hotel chains do not offer much in terms of privacy since you will be staying with many other guests, but you are most likely to be the only guest staying at a B&B. If you are seeking privacy and seclusion, then you should stay away from large hotel chains.

Affordability: Popular hotel chains usually charge very high rates knowing they can get away with it. But when you choose to stay at a B&B, you can save a great deal of money due to the fact that your hosts are in the business because they enjoy doing it, rather than for making money. When comparing prices, keep in mind that a hotel will charge for every extra service it offers, but a B&B generally includes everything in a single package.

Personal Service: B&B accommodation is ideal for those little personal touches. A conversation with your hosts will equip you with valuable local knowledge. Oftentimes, your B&B will have local directories, informative books and other conveniences to allow you to make the most of your stay there. You will get information on the best restaurants, famous attractions, and all the things you want to see and do during your trip.

Wonderful surroundings: Popular hotel chains are mostly found in major tourist centres where you are likely to be surrounded by a lot of hustle and bustle. B&Bs, on the other hand, are often located off the beaten path and offer a unique opportunity to discover less travelled areas that you will otherwise miss.

B&Bs nowadays are an eclectic mix of all kinds of houses and hosts, and this is part of the excitement. As well as opening up their properties and hearts for tourists who require a comfortable lodging, B&B owners are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure an enjoyable and memorable stay for their guests.