The Beckoning Call of Kolkata Hotels

The capital city of Kolkata is known for its unique culture and traditions. It is the center of art, culture, dance, music, science and literature. It is one of the metropolitan cities in India. The city is a hub of large number of tourists all round the year. What makes the vacation lot more pleasurable is the hospitality and comfort that the Kolkata hotels provide to the tourists and vacationers. The hotels have some of the best staff ever, high-tech facilities and services and finery, including quality entertainment and refreshments that will keep the tourists engaged throughout their stay in the hotel.

Over a period of time, the real estate industry has developed to a considerable extent in this city. Due to this reason, the Kolkata hotels offer easy and convenient accommodations to different classes of people which include the elite businessmen, the top executives, the family man and the tourists and travelers. Some of the famous hotels of the city include names like MBD Airport Hotel, Hotel Peerless Inn, Great Eastern Hotel, Fairlawn Hotel, Shamilton hotel and Park Palace Hotel. The Park hotel, one of the oldest hotels, is located very close to the Park Street. It is perfect for all those tourists who want to be a part of the vibrant and active city life.

The Hotel Oberoi Grand, which is among the top 5 star Kolkata Hotels, is located in the center of the city mostly and attracts the top business tycoons. The hotel is a combination of the quaint as well as modern facilities and amenities, offering unmatched and superb services. The fine interiors and decorations pacify the mind and stir the soul. The hotel has 213 rooms, which include the deluxe rooms as well as the business suites. The facilities provided by it include swimming, shopping arcades, sauna, spa, amenities for sports like horse riding, tennis and golf.

Hotel Taj Bengal, also belonging to the class of 5 star Kolkata hotels, is another hotel that renders top quality services to its customers. It is well known for its gaudy setup and uniqueness and simplicity in hospitality. It is located in the prestigious business region and is also surrounded by a classic setting. The hotel comprises of 250 deluxe rooms as well as business suites, which are facilitated with 24hour room service and excellent facilities. The rooms are intricately designed and furnished in order to make the customers feel luxurious and happy. The hotel also has beauty parlors, safe lockers and business centers too.

5 Star Deluxe Hotels & Accommodations Washington DC USA

The Deluxe Hotels in Washington DC have redefined the luxury by all means. Apart from the perfect locations, they are having eye-catching design of buildings. Almost all deluxe hotels have beautiful gardens with artificial waterfalls or fountains within their premises.

The deluxe hotels are located near monuments or sight seeing place. Hence, many of the deluxe hotels are having classifications of rooms as per their ‘views’ to the monuments. For instance, room with city-view, room with The White House view and so on.

The rooms are undoubtedly furnished with high quality materials. Some of them are having beautiful dressing tables with huge mirror and walnut valet stands. The bathrooms are made up of marble and are furnished with attractive shining bathroom accessories. The shower heads and handheld nozzles in the bathroom have two rain effects. Many deluxe hotels have different views of the city from the bathrooms, which are on heights.

Deluxe hotels have different types of rooms also, like deluxe room, suite rooms, rooms with king size bed, diplomatic suite, ambassador suite etc. Almost all rooms provide you your comfort zone. The rooms are having LCD flat panel screen TV’s varying in size from 15″ to 60″. In some suite class rooms, you have flat panel screen TV in bathrooms. In the costliest rooms like ‘Presidential suite’ or ‘Royal suite’ you have grand piano and chess table to fulfill your entertainment. Some of them are having telescope near your double layer of square and round windows to view the areas with distances.

For your health, the deluxe hotels are having spa with health advisors. Some of hotels have tie-up with some resorts too. The spa service can be utilized with some extra payments. In some high rated rooms, you are provided with treadmills and other exercise accessories.

Rooms of deluxe hotels in Washington DC are decorated in their state-of-the-art technique which will make long lasting impression in your memory for sure.

Top 10 List of the Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Looking for 10 top hotels in the world providing the most luxurious stay? Well, your search ends here. Find below the list of the most expensive hotels on this earth where you can spend your dreamy vacation:

• President Wilson Hotel, Geneva: When it comes to the most lavish and expensive hotel suites on the earth, the President Wilson Hotel always tops the list. You need to spend around 53,000 dollars for relishing a stay in this dreamy place having exclusively designed and decorated bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and cocktail lounge.

• Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas: The Palms Casino Resort, situated in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, is placed at the 2nd position in the list of top 10 most luxurious hotels in the world. Awesome infrastructure and great services of the resort make it a wonderful luxurious destination, and you would simply love to spend 40,000 bucks for spending a night here.

• Westin Excelsior Hotel, Rome: The third most luxurious hotel in the world is the Westin Excelsior Hotel, located in Rome. If you are ready to spend 25,000 dollars a day, you can surely expect to experience the finest services.

• Palms Hotel, Las Vegas: Being one of the wealthiest hotels across the globe. The Palm Hotel Luxury provides certain exclusive facilities that you would love to enjoy. If you spend one night here, you would be charged around 25,000 dollars.

• Plaza Hotel, New York: It is one of the top hotels in the world offering the best possible services to its guests. If you want to get the finest accommodation, high-quality foods, and all modern amenities here, then get ready for expending 20,000 dollars per day.

• Martinez Hotel, Cannes: The Martinez hotel, located nearby the Bay of Cannes, is the 6th priciest hotels worldwide. The place boasts of its wonderful architecture as well as art works, and it’s truly worth spending 18,000 dollars per night for staying here.

• Ritz Paris Hotel, Paris: While preparing the list of top 10 most expensive hotels around the globe, we can’t leave the superbly decorated Ritz Paris Hotel out of it. Enjoy first-rate services at this lush hotel by splurging 17,500 dollars each day.

• Burj-AL-Arab Hotel, Dubai: If you have a keen interest in spending a couple of days in one of the most expensive hotels in the world having splendid structural design, you should go for the Burj-AL-Arab. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the whole world and one can enjoy staying here at 15,000 dollars per day.

• Lanesborough Hotel, London: Though there are plenty of hotels offering grand royal experience in the city of London, none of them can be compared with the 5-star Lanesborough Hotel. To take pleasure in its graceful furniture, striking room interiors and excellent amenities, you have to pay at least 14,500 dollars for each night.

• Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong: Placed at the 10th position in the list, the Peninsula Hotel of Hong Kong is another priciest hotel in the entire world. If you spend an amount of 5,000 dollars each night, you can stay in this amazing 30 story building and enjoy the arresting view of the world-known Victoria Harbor as well as the Hong Kong Island.

With this exclusive list of 10 top hotels in the world offering the most luxurious stay, you can easily find out your next destination for spending a grand vacation and enjoy it the fullest.